What we do



We do what  we can do. We fix for fun & style. No paying, no jobs. 
We have a lot of stuff to repair and a couple of people who understand how to fix. 

Motorcycle tours with final bbq end at the cave is our way to enjoy the good weather. 


A lot of our members & friends are musicians. Our own music is always a part of the Men's Cave Project.

Our cave

What is the cave? It's a meeting point for everybody who likes motorcycle, bbq, music or just the good weather. 
A garage where everybody can come and pass by. With many stuff to do, with music, drinks & food. 
We are a couple of guys, who love motorcycle, bbq & music. 



During the whole year we create different events for bikers, friends & family. 
There is always a good time to have a bbq in springtime, a motorcycle cleaning or stay & chill inside in the winter, just to be with the bikes.
We currently look up to get more and more events at our cave. Regular there is always somebody around couple times a week. 


Find us

Text us for more information :)
Also if you just want to join an event write here your application.




Men's Cave Project 
in Zurich

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