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  • Suzuki VS Intruder ​1400 GLP


8'000.- CHF

Total customized chopper bike, all legal and
in a very good condition
2002 - 25'000 km - 1400 ccm

MFK & Service
Feder-Marke: KONI
Fussrasteranlage: DPM F3, 15cm
Achsenstand 195cm
Bremsleitungen: Stahlflex SBM
Lenker: LSL-LD2, 880mm
Gabel: FS/41
Gabelbrücke: FSY6605, DTC Bestätigung

Sale by the Mens Cave Project



  • BMW R 1200 GS ABS        

Touring like in heaven!
BMW GS R in a very good condition.
2015 - 31'000 km - 1200 ccm

Auspuffanlage: Akrapovic

Side & Top Case

Sale by the Mens Cave Project


  • Silvertail K02 Exhaust

300.- CHF

A complete exhaust system from Silvertail, for many bikes. The holder & manifold are assembled for a Honda Shadow 125ccm.
Less used, just 1 scratch, good condition.

The certification is
not expensive and easy availible
at many garage points. 
All legal. 

Sale by the Mens Cave Project

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