• Open Sundays
    - 11.04.21
    - 09.05.21 
    - 13.06.21
    - 11.07.21

    Each 2nd sunday of the month we open our doors for bikes & bbq. Everybody can come and pass by to clean or fix his bike or just hanging around. Check it out! 

  • Gentleman's Night
    - 06.06.21
    Classic fashion, whiskey & cigars! That's the mood of a classy gentleman's night. Dress up and pass by! 

  • Old Cuba
    - 02.07.21
    - 30.06.19
    Cigars, cuba libre's and some cuban flavour! We celebrate in cuban way on the 4th of July. Come with your bike and meet us at the mens cave. Contact us on our facebook page for more information. 

  • BBQ, beer & broooooom
    - [moved] Date coming soon!
    Finally there is the summer coming and we can ride out again. So we go for a ride on our bikes with ending up at the cave for bbq & beer. Contact us if you want to join us. (Destination coming up soon)

  • 4 years Men's Cave!
    - 14.03.21
    It's already the 4th time we start our season on our anniversary! Like every year there will be a good bbq event with cold beer and loud bikes! Come and pass by!

  • Biker Brunch
    - 11.10.20
    Why always drink beer and stay the whole night? This time we go for a brunch time with coffey & bikes on our open sunday in September. 


  • 3rd Anniversary 
    - 15.03.20
    Already three years ago since we founded our Men's Cave Project. We celebrate the anniversary like every year and hope for nice weather. Come and pass by for this one!

  • Happy Halloween!
    - 31.10.19
    Hell yes! The Men's Cave wishes you all a happy halloween! Again this year the cave is going to be spooky & dark. Come and pass by for your bloody steak. Contact us for join or drop by if you're already a member. 

  • Two years Mens Cave!
    - 15.03.19
    Hell yes! Two years ago we founded this cool place. At the middle of march we celebrate all our moments with drinks, cigars and bbq. Let's join for our anniversary.

  • Heating up the new year
    - 04.01.19
    On the first friday in 2019 we will check up clean our bikes, we warm up our cave and enjoy the warm coffee inside. 

  • Caving Christmas
    HoHoHo! Let wish you all a caving christmas. Let's celebrate this time with our bikes!

  • Halloween at the Cave
    - 31.10.18
    Well hell yeah, we make a small halloween party with costumes, deco & bbq like evverytime. Let's celebrate this spooky day with bikes and pumpkins. When you have a costume, come and drop by.

  • Repair & Prepair
    - 21.10.18
    You have to trust your bike for the rides, so let's check it time to time and fix what's gone and if there is nothing broken, you even can clean it. Be always ready for a ride out!

  • Summer End BBQ
    - 30.09.18
    There it goes, our lovely lovely saison will end. Let's enjoy this last summer weekend at the cave with our bikes, music & grill, after the legendary Gentlemans Ride in Zurich. Write in contact for join.

  • High Season Saturday
    - 08.09.18 
    RIDE : 10:30

    BBQ : 18:00
    It's in the middle of high tempeture and in the middle of our season. So let's celebrate it with a small ride and a BBQ in the end. Send us your request for more information. 

  • Clean & BBQ
    - 29.07.18
    We love to show what we have. So we have to clean our shiny stuff. With a lot of professional cleaning equipment we can clean almost everything on every bike. Come and pass by for cleaning your bike. 

  • Wooden Ride Out 
    - 14.07.18 & 15.07.18
    We do a ride out again.With a couple of bikes we drive to the Bregenzerwald and through the german Allgäu. Write us for more information. 

  • Open door by Nico 
    - 24.06.18
    A whole day open. Nico invites you to come for a visit at the cave. Pass by for cleaning, eating or just hanging around. The door is open the completely day until late at night. 

  • Summerstart
    - 24.06.2018 ; 16:00 
    Summertime is here and we want to celebrate it. Come with your bike and join us for a evening full of sound, food and motorcycles.

  • Spring Opening
    - 28.04.2018
    Let it begin! The Saison is coming and our bikes have to look fantastic. So come and pass by for cleaning your bike with friends & music. 


  • New Year BBQ
    - 03.01.2018
    There is no better event for chill'n grill than a happy new year.